"Dr. Dagnew filled a significant void in expertise, competence, humanity, and knowledge in his specialty of Neurosugery at Memorial Hospital of Jacksonville, Florida. In a short time he became a very popular staff member and captivated a large number of patients who derived great results in the treatment of their specific ailments. Everybody in this medical staff was saddened by his departure from Jacksonville. As Chief of Staff and a physician who was lucky to participate in the care of some of his patients, I am proud and honored to have known Dr. Dagnew and to share in the benefits of his competent professional activity."

O. Contarini,MD
Chairman, Medical Staff
Memorial Hospital
Jacksonville, Florida


“Dr. Dagnew treated me in late 2008 for a fractured C-6 vertebra. I found him to be very thorough, conscientious, and capable. Dr. Dagnew was always available, returning my calls promptly, even when he was away from his office. My treatment was exceptional and I had a great outcome. I also had a torn rotator cuff, and he took the initiative to call my orthopedic surgeon and work out a joint plan of treatment.

I have never seen a more helpful and knowledgeable doctor. If you have a neck problem, I would enthusiastically recommend Dr. Dagnew.” 
Phil F.
Jacksonville, FL

"You did a brilliant job in surgery!!"


“Dear Dr. Dagnew, I want to thank you so much for saving my husband’s life. One month ago today, we met you in CCU and you were very direct and factual about the possibilities ahead. You did a brilliant job in surgery. Bob’s doing better every day. We both are so grateful. Thank You!!” 
Phyllis and Bob F.
Jacksonville, FL



“Dear Dr. Dagnew, our family wanted you to know how grateful we are for all you did for our dad. We were blessed to have many great months together with him. Your caring ways were truly a blessing to us. May God continue to give you wisdom and be your hands as you help others.” 
Sherrie C.
Jacksonville, FL


“Dr. Dagnew has been my husband’s surgeon since October of 2008 when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. From the first meeting, Dr. Dagnew has explained and informed us of every aspect of this condition, and what to expect from surgery. He has always made himself available and showed great patience in explaining questions that we had regarding the procedures as well as other health related problems that my husband faced during this time. Surgery went very well and my husband has had a good result. We are very sorry that Dr. Dagnew is leaving Jacksonville. His concern, advisement, and care will be sorely missed by us. His move is a loss to the Jacksonville community.” 
Aleyna M.
Jacksonville, FL


 his office manner made me feel as if I was his only patient.

My association with Dr. Elias Dagnew began in early 2008. My first impression was his gentle and thorough evaluation of my condition. My appreciation of his professionalism began as he fully explained my situation and the possible avenues of approach for correction of my extensive problems in my lower back. His calm and reassuring manner gave me the confidence to proceed with surgery. In fact, his office manner made me feel as if I was his only patient. My surgical procedure was extensive and took many hours. He kept my husband and friend informed as the surgery progressed which certainly was appreciated. Throughout the hospitalization his frequent visits kept me assured that my progress was being carefully monitored and appropriate. My surgery went very well and I am happy with the results. I have regained the quality of my life. These words can not express how grateful I am for Dr. Dagnew’s expertise and ability to reassure me along the way. With much appreciation, 
Karlyn R.
Jacksonville, FL


Dr. Dagnew, just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that Derek left for University today. He is doing wonderful. Physically he is back in shape and has gained back his weight. He looks great. I wanted to let you know how grateful we are to you and your neurosurgery talent and compassion. You and lots of prayers are why Derek is alive today. We will always be thankful to you for saving his life. Take care. 
Nicky D.
Eatonton, GA


Dear Dr. Dagnew, I have often reflected on the facts and circumstances relating to the discovery of the precarious nature of my cervical spinal cord compression in November of 2008. I was quite frankly, stunned and replete with anxiety and trepidation of the possibility of becoming a quadriplegic or worse, if I would sustain a sudden fall or injury to my neck. Then providence brought you into my life. You meticulously assessed my condition and decisively concluded that surgery was absolutely essential. Your surgical techniques, care, precision, professionalism, and continued attention to my recovery after the January 2009 surgery was only superseded by your kindness, concern, and most importantly, your deep and sincere compassion. I shudder to consider how differently all of this could have evolved had you not been my surgeon. Once again Dr Dagnew, please accept my most sincere appreciation and gratitude for your care and counsel. Since you treat your patients with such love and devotion, I can only partially imagine how much you love and are loved by your family and friends. May the Lord reward you mightily, protect you from all harm, and bless you and your loved ones forever. 
Stephen R. V.
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


 We could not have gotten better care or met with more consideration anywhere else.

Dear Dr. Dagnew, we first met you when the ambulance brought my husband to your hospital, which proved to be a blessing. Thank you for the kindness you showed our family as we tried to do what was best for him. We could not have gotten better care or met with more consideration anywhere else. Thank you from all our children too.
Katherine H.S.
Decatur, GA


I was in intense, non-stop, pain that radiated from my lower back down my legs when my primary care doctor referred me to Dr. Elias Dagnew, a local neurosurgeon. Dr. Dagnew was extremely professional and kind to me and my wife when we met for our initial appointment. After he examined me and looked over the MRI that I had brought with me, he told me what specific additional tests he wanted to run and what he was looking for in each test. After the additional tests were run, my wife and I met with Dr. Dagnew again. He not only told us what the tests revealed, but he showed us the films and indicated the involved areas. Then he talked with both of us and clearly explained all of the options I had and what he professionally thought would be the outcome of each option. I chose to have a decompression laminectomy. I am happy to say that by the time I came out of the anesthesia from the surgery, I had no pain except for the usual surgery discomfort. I spent one night in the hospital and came home the next afternoon. It was such a blessing to be able to function and walk normally and pain free again. If I ever have need of a neurosurgeon again, I will be contacting Dr. Dagnew. 
Michael S.K.
Jacksonville, FL



“Dear Dr. Dagnew, Jean and I received the news of your impending move to Atlanta with mixed emotions-happiness for you and your ascent up the ladder of your profession; sadness that you will be leaving Jacksonville and will no longer be directly involved in Jean’s care. We have been through the most difficult years of our lives, but thanks to you and the entire team, it has turned out to be a very rewarding one. That Jean is cancer-free today is due to the devoted and excellent care she received, the appreciation of which we have no way to adequately express. For all our lives, we shall feel indebted to you and to all of your gracious staff.”
Marv and Jean B.
Jacksonville, FL


"a gifted physician and neurosurgeon.”“Dear Future Patient, It is with great pleasure that I recommend Elias Dagnew, M.D., whom I had the good fortune to have as my surgeon and doctor over the last two years, to anyone seeking a highly qualified neurosurgeon. It is rare when you find the exceptional skill level of a surgeon of Dr. Dagnew’s caliber who also possesses true compassion and concern for his patients’ well being and ultimate rehabilitation. He displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and dedication by presenting all options available for my specific condition, thoroughly explained each one with clear expectations, risk factors and a comprehensive recovery plan so that I could make an informed decision on my health care options. He personally monitored my improvement in the year that followed my surgery and had a true involvement in my recovery. I am happy to give him my wholehearted endorsement as a both a gifted physician and neurosurgeon.” 
Paul M.
Yulee, FL


Dear Dr. Dagnew, many thanks to you and your staff for all the skill and compassion during surgery. What an incredible job you did. My whole family was over whelmed at what you managed to accomplish with my very large and challenging brain tumor. Chemo and radiation are going well and we are looking forward to returning to Georgia at some point soon. Again, many, many thanks.
Evelyn E. 
Atlanta, GA


“I have never felt that any physician cared more about me as a patient.  Dr. Dagnew has a unique approach that made me feel that he truly cared about me as a person...” - Mark M.

 Dr. Dagnew performed lower back surgery on my L4/L5 disc to relieve pressure on a nerve that was causing numbness and pain. I saw Dr. Dagnew on several occasions following surgery to check the progress of my recovery. I can honestly say that I have never felt that any physician cared more about me as a patient. Dr. Dagnew has a unique approach that made me feel that he truly cared about me as a person, and I wasn’t just another “time slot” that he had to deal with to get to the end of the day. He always explained things to me in a manner that was easy to understand and left no question unanswered. I wish Dr Dagnew the very best in his new practice. He will be dearly missed by those that were fortunate enough to have known him here in Jacksonville. 
Mark M.
Jacksonville, FL


Dear Dr. Dagnew, I recently had an appointment with you in reference to the excruciating, chronically debilitating pain in my back, which has sent me to the emergency room several times. You wanted me to try some none surgery treatment first. You ordered a series of 3 lumbar epidural injections. I have had a remarkable improvement with the treatments helping me maintain a better quality of life. I want to thank you and your staff for your genuine care and doing what was best for me. I sincerely hope God’s plans for your life are fully realized. 
Yvonne R. S.


Dear Dr. Dagnew, I want to thank you for the care you gave my father after he suffered a fall and a head injury. Your surgery skills were exceptional as seen by how well my father recovered. Also thank you for the patience and kindness you showed me and my mother. You helped us through a frightening and very sad time. I am very grateful.
Adelaide P.
Good Hope, GA


Dear Dr. Dagnew, several months before I had surgery, I started having severe back pain, sciatica, and pain down my hips and legs which was so severe. I lost feeling and had weakness in my legs. Walking, sitting, and lying down were all painful. I was diagnosed with slip in my low back with narrowing of the spine. I chose to have surgery after my husband and I consulted with you. I had extensive spine surgery with decompression and fusion using screws and rods in my low back. I wore a brace for 3 months whenever I walked. So my story is this: I had severe pain. I had back surgery by Dr. Dagnew, and now I have no pain and don’t take any pain medications. I am now one year after surgery and I walk 2 miles every day. At 72 years old, I am very active and busy and thankful for every pain free day. Dr. Dagnew, thank you very much for your surgical expertise, care, and compassion. I know that I am doing great for an old grey headed woman. 
Linda W.
Jacksonville, FL"I had severe pain.. and now I have no pain...Linda W.