About Us

Welcome. At Georgia Brain & Spine Center, we specialize in the comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and surgical treatment of diseases of the brain, spine, and nerves. We use the latest, proven, state-of-the-art treatments to alleviate pain and treat neurologic disease. It is our mission and promise to provide unsurpassed skill, compassion, education, and availability to each and every one of our patients. Georgia Brain & Spine Center is committed to attend to the neurosurgery and spine surgery needs of the community within the metro Atlanta area, throughout north Georgia, and beyond.

Patient Evaluation

We believe that the majority of patients can be successfully managed without surgery. After careful and comprehensive evaluation, we will present all available treatment options depending on each individual’s specific ailment. For the majority of patients, we will initially recommend non-surgical treatment options. Only if such treatments fail will we consider and recommend surgical treatment. Often, pain can be markedly reduced by carefully following specific courses of conservative treatments, including physical therapy, weight loss, stretching exercises, and stress reduction. Other less invasive treatments, such as epidural corticosteroid injections, can also be used. These available choices are taken into consideration when making a diagnosis and offering treatment options.

Patient Education

Patient education is a vital part of medical care. We at Georgia Brain & Spine Center dedicate substantial time to explaining in detail the diagnosis, treatment options, and expected outcomes of our patients and reviewing pertinent educational materials with them. We believe this gives our patients the opportunity to ask questions, weigh their options, and make the best informed decision towards their care. We encourage those served at Georgia Brain & Spine Center to take an active role in their care and recovery.